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Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Pentecost", May 20, 2018

Taunya Tamparri, Stewardship Moment, May 13, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Nourishing Fruits", May 13, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Bearing Witness", April 29, 2018

Louie Hillman, Stewardship Moment, April 29, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, Sermon, April 22, 2018

Rev. Slothower, "What if You Wake Up One Morning And..." April 8,2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, Easter Sermon, April 1, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, Sermon March 25, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Finding Your Mystic: Listening Behind the Voices", Mar. 18, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Finding Your Power:  Listening For Healing", March 11, 2018

Linda Hart, "Sharing Our Story", March 4, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Finding Your Breath:  Listening to Our Bodies", Feb. 25, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Finding Your Cave: Listening Spaces, Feb. 18, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Beyond the Fear", February 11, 2018

Rev. Kevin Brown, Sermon, February 4, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Beyond the Boundaries", January 28, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Beyond the Horizon", January, 21, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Beyond Belief", January 14, 2018

Rev. John Slothower, "Another Christmas", January 7, 2018

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Reflections", December 31, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Reflections", Candlelight Service, Dec. 24, 2017

Rev. John Slothower, Sermon, December 24, 2017

Rev. Kevin Brown, "The Story Is Ours to Tell", November 19, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "For God So Loved...", November 12, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Bread of Life, Cup of Blessings", November 5, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "The Lord's Prayer", October 29, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "A Beloving Faith, Part II", October 22, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, Sermon, October 15, 2017

Rev. John Slothower, "Jesus", October 8, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "God:  The Is-Ness", October 1, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "The Bible, aka TAWOGFAT. Say What?, Sept. 24, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Salvation is a Loaded Word", Sept. 17, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Speaking Christian", September 10, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Call the Midwife", September 3, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Church Vitality:  Part 2" August 27, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Church Vitality:  Part 1", August 20, 2017

Ace Gassman, "Sustaining Love", August 13, 2017

Pamela Y. Cook, August 6, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, "Core Alignment", July 30, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin, July 23, 2017

Rev. John Slothower:  "Living the Spirit, Daily", July 16, 2017

Rev. Cynthia Riggin: "Rest for the Weary", July 9, 2017

Colin P. Elliott:  "The Sixth Pharisee",  July 2, 2017

Pastor Cynthia Riggin:  "Rise Up:  Advocate", May 28, 2017

Pastor Cynthia Riggin:  "Rise Up:  Be In the Way", May 14, 2017

Pastor Cynthia Riggin:  "Rise Up:  Community", May 7, 2017

Pastor Cynthia Riggin:  "Rise Up:  Belief, Rise Up:  Peace Be with You", April 23, 2017

Pastor Cynthia Riggin:  "Go and Tell", April 16, 2017

Pastor Cynthia Riggin:  "The Day Is Coming", April 9, 2017

Pastor John Slothower: "We The People Is Us", April 2, 2017

Pastor Cynthia Riggin:  "I Dream of a Church:  Christ's Representatives", Mar. 19, 2017

Pastor Cynthia Riggin, "How Long:  Renouncing Evil", March 12, 2017

Pastor Cynthia Riggin, "Child of God:  Naming Each Other", March 5, 2017

Pastor Cathy Gibson-Christensen, "We Come Full Circle", Feb. 26, 2017

Pastor John Slothower, "Go An Extra What....?", Feb 19, 2017

Pastor Cynthia, "Create Right Relationships", Feb. 12, 2017

Pastor Cynthia, "Salt and Light", Feb. 5, 2017

Pastor Cynthia:  "Embody Beatitude Living", Jan. 29, 2017

Pastor Cynthia:  "Claim Your Vocation", Jan. 22, 2017

Pastor Cynthia:  "Know Your Name", Jan. 15, 2017

Pastor Cynthia, "Connect with Your Belovedness", Jan. 8. 2017

Pastor Cynthia, "Follow Your Star", Jan. 1, 2017

Pastor Cynthia, Christmas Reflections, Dec. 25, 2016

Pastor Cynthia, "Awed and Odd:  Love in the Midst of___", Dec. 24, 2016

Christmas Pageant, December 11, 2016

Pastor Cynthia  "Awed and Odd:  Love in the Midst of Hate", Dec. 4, 2016

Pastor Cynthia:  "Awed and Odd:  Peace in the Midst of Conflict", Nov. 27

Pastor Cynthia: "The 12th Step:  Love Your Enemies", November 20

Pastor Cynthia:  "The 10th & 11th Steps:  Knowledge and Recognition", Nov. 13

Pastor Cynthia: "The 9th Step:  Concern for Everybody", November 6

Pastor Cynthia: "The 8th Step:  How Should We Speak to One Another?", October 30

Pastor Cynthia:  "The Seventh Step:  How Little We Know", October 23

Pastor Cynthia:  "The Sixth Step:  Action", October 16







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