Message from Pastor Cynthia

June 22, 2017


Dear Beloved Community,

Happy, Blessed 2nd Anniversary! Two years ago, on my candidating weekend, we said Yes! To God and one another. We discerned, individually and collectively, prayed, listened, and honored the wisdom of our God who called us, (and continues to call us) together as Congregation and Senior Minister. To engage in life-giving, justice-seeking, transformative mutual ministry, in this time, in this place. What a joy it is to serve you and with you and our God as we learn more deeply how to love God with our entire being, mind and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves; (aka our Lynnhurst Vision Statement and 3 Priorities). Looking forward to living the unfolding with you.

Thank you, once again, for your commitment to my rest, renewal, and reflection retreat. It continues to be a rich and challenging time of my ongoing continuing education. The following quote by Elizabeth Johnson from Diana Butler Bass’s work, Grounded, lingers with me regarding deep incarnation:

Born of a woman (Galatians 4:4) and the Hebrew gene pool,
Jesus of Nazareth was a creature of earth,
a complex unit of minerals and fluid,
an item in the carbon, oxygen and nitrogen cycles,
a moment in the biological evolution of this planet.
Like all human beings, he carried within himself
the signature of the supernovas
and the geneology and life history of the Earth.
The atoms comprising his body
once belonged to other creatures.

Blessings, Pastor Cynthia

If you missed Sunday's sermon, you are invited to listen here... Please share with friends and family, and invite them to worship too! 

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