Message from Pastor Cynthia

March 1, 2018


Dear Beloved Community, 

I hope you are experiencing a meaningful Lenten journey. This morning in that betwixt and between place of not quite sleeping, yet not fully awake, I found myself hearing a song. The song was familiar, comforting and peace-giving; yet I couldn’t place it. As I prepared my breakfast the song lingered and as I hummed it, the words emerged to my consciousness, “We’re so thankful that you are still speaking, You’re still speaking, gracious God. For the sake of the world you are seeking, We are listening, listening now.” Oh yes I realized, this is our Lenten Sung Benediction, Listening Now. This is how we’ve blessed one another as we’ve prepared to depart worship, thankful our God is still speaking to us and our willingness to listen to our God’s leading.

The reason I share this story is to amplify the power of repetition in worship. When we repeat a song or a prayer the hope is it will leave our brain and travel to our heart and soul. That it will become embodied in us so that when we leave worship it travels with us, for encouragement during a dark night of the soul, for strength when we are struggling, for comfort when we grieve and for joy when we find ourselves fully present to one another in the moments of our lives.

Our children, who remind us of this wisdom daily, thrive with repetition; reading the same stories over and over; asking to hear the same story time and again about how they learned to walk, or ride a bike; or the necessity of them hearing every day, "I Love You." In Family Worship this Sunday, our children and youth will continue learning alongside us adults, the rhythms of worship so that it becomes written on their hearts.


In gratitude to our God who calls us together to engage in life-giving, hope-stretching, justice-seeking, mutual ministry...

Blessings, Pastor Cynthia

If you missed Sunday's sermon, you are invited to listen here... Please share with friends and family, and invite them to worship too! 

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